Friday, April 15, 2011

LAUK:ayam bakar special


As I promised you earlier on, this is another dish prepared during the BBQ night my classmates and I had last Tuesday's night. Why not you try it yourself this time around. Probably, this can be your next activity with family and friends, aite? Anyways, I am bad in measurement. I usually apply the ''campak-campak' technique, meaning that I just simply put the ingredients in, without any rigid measurement. HAHA. so..for this recipe, I'll just list out the ingredients you need.  It is purely up to you to decide on how much you should put in those ingredients needed. Probably, it depends on how many people you want to feed for, okay? :)


1. chicken (any part will do. We took the drumsticks and wings and few breasts), you can even grill the sausages with this marinade.
2.  shallots/onions
3. garlic
4. tumeric powder
5. galangal (lengkuas)
6. ginger
7. spices (jintan manis, jintan putih, biji ketumbar) -use the packet ones, better than using the powder ones-
8. lemon grass
9. brown sugar
10. bird eye's chillies (cili api) -optional-
11. salt
12. water (to blend the ingredients)
13. oil + few stalks of lemongrass which the tips have been smashed

How to Make it?

1. clean the chickens thoroughly. You might want to get rid of the bad smell with lime.
 2. blend ingredients 2-12 
3. Pour out the blended ingredients on the chicken. marinate them as long as you want., The best would be a night.
4. Heat up your grill
5. grill 'em until they are well cooked (30-45 minutes) -depending on the size of the chicken-
6. while grilling, drizzle the chicken with ingredient no. 13 (like those pakcik sate do :) ) 

gebu gilerr kan?

and..READY to enjoy...

 pesanan penaja;DONT FORGET TO EAT WITH may help in reducing the carbon amount.

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