Friday, April 15, 2011

ANEKA ROTI: garlic bread


This is actually one of the menus on my class' BBQ party last Tuesday night. More menus my friends and I made on that very night will be updated here, soon. Anyways, this is a very simple dish to prepare. You can either grill or toast it it just like that (without toasting or grilling the bread). Up to your preferences. :)


1. French bread (the long hard ones, you know which one, dont u?)/wholemeal bread
2. garlic (2-3 cloves)-lagi banyak lagi sodap-
3.butter (use butter, it'll be tastier than using margerine)
4. parsley flakes
5.ground black pepper (if tak ada serbuk, yang bulat2 pun boleh, tumbuk haluih-haluih)
5. salt

How to Make it?

1. peel off the garlic's skins. 
2.grill it or put it on a hot pan (without oil) and stir gently until it turns brownish
3.let it cool at room temperature
4.finely chop it. halus-halus...
5.add butter, parsley flake, black pepper and salt with the finely chopped garlic
6.mix them well
7.put it in a container

8.ready to be spread. u can keep it in the fridge and use it whenever you want.
9.spread on your bread
10.grill or bake it like this (put on a hot pan without oil).

please ignore kedhaifan kuali itu.

bon appetite~

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