Thursday, April 14, 2011

DESSERT:cream cheesy chocolate truffle


CAUTION! This is not a must-go-for recipe for those who are on a diet. LOL. 

My exam is nearing. I seriously had no mood to study. Frequent hunger drives me crazy like...argh!!!!!! so, to the kitchen I went. Anyways, this can be a good gift for your friends or even your loved ones you know? by spending less than RM40, you can feed many mouths with this. fact about me: I DON'T REALLY EAT SWEET STUFFS. but why did I make this dessert? BOREDOM. yeah..I'm weird. Now, let us start!


1. oreo biscuit (3 packets) -I removed the cream because I dont like it to be too sweet-
2.  250 gram of cream cheese (of any brand)
3. cooking chocolate (better to choose semi sweet or dark chocolate)
4. cocoa powder/nuts/chocolate rice/white chocolate (any topping u like)

here are some of the ingredients (forgive me for not taking all the ingredients' photos)

crushed oreo (remove the cream if u dont like it to be too sweet)

cream cheese

How to Make? 

1.  Place the biscuits in a plastic, crushed it by using..urm..anything. lesung batu also can. LOL

2.  place the crushed oreo in a container

lagi hancur lagi bagus

3. In the meantime, melt the chocolate using double boiling technique/place it into the microwave.
double boiling is a technique where you place a bowl/container that can absorb heat easily on top of a pot containing the super hot water. like this....
let it stay on the pot to prevent the chocolate from coagulating
now...get back to the dough..

 5. Put in the cream cheese

 6. knead the mixture of the crushed oreo and cream cheese thoroughly. uli jangan tak uli.

7. place it into the fridge for about 25-30 minutes

8. remove it from the fridge and shape it into balls

macam ma'jun, eh? LOL
9. put in the fridge for 10 minutes

10. take it out from the fridge. 

11. prepare on the table these things

that cocoa powder is optional. You can opt for nuts/chocolate rice/any topping u prefer

now is the fun part.

12. cover the oreo balls with the melted chocolate like this

13. cover it with cocoa powder after that

14. place it in a container or a tray and keep in the fridge to let the chocolate cover hardened

probably keep 'em for 10- 20 minutes 'em!

it is hard outside but soft, creamy and sweet inside!
TRY IT!  :)


  1. dila terernye siap ada blog masak2!konfem lepas grad bole kawin terus.hehehe

  2. haha. akak, mane ade terer. buat blog ni saje2 je. kalu bosan, baru update blog nih. thanx sis for the thought. takleh kawen lagi, kene cari calon dulu. :D

  3. aik akim. bila lak ade blog nih?hee..butang like takdak. nnt i buat ek?haaha

  4. where on earth did u get this unique idea effa? i'm loving it! most of ur recipes yeah! but this one is superb! I've gotta try this at home.hehe.

  5. apis:huu..try la weyh.sgt simple

    nisa:haha.the power of Internet. got it from there with a lil bit of improvisation. haha. try la babe. thanx for the compliment,syg ;)

  6. nmpk cm sedap jew...nk try larh...=)