Monday, April 18, 2011

DESSERT: Bubur kacang hijau with durian



Do you smell something? sniff...sniff..sniff.. Yeah, it's the durian smell. Do you love durian? I reckon there's some of you who ardently love durian while some are just like me, so-so. Since most of people (reckon so..) know that I am so not into the fresh durian (exception for tempoyak and bubur durian), I am here now sharing with you a simple bubur kacang hijau with durian. made it last night. Yeah..last night. LOL. The whole house smelled durian-ish now. Blame who? :D Anyways, this bubur is suitable to be eaten both hot and cold. It can be eaten with pulut and also bread too, depending on your preferences. 


1. durian (4-5 ulas) -depending on the size-
2. kacang hijau (sepeket kecil)
3.gula melaka 
5.secubit garam
6.daun pandan -2 helai- 

How to Make it?

1. Place your green beans into the pot with approximately 3 cups of tap water.

 2. Let it simmered. This might take some times before the beans are fully popped out, indicating that they are cooked.
3. Once they are cooked, put in the gula melaka. Stir gently until the sugar melts.
4.Pour the coconut milk into the pot, slowly. Keep on stirring. 
5.Put in few pinches of salt and pandan leaves in. Pour in water if it is too thick.
6. Once the bubur is boiled, put in the durian
7. Keep on stirring until the durian flesh blends with the bubur.
8. Serve!


  1. dah banyak kali saya cuba buat tapi asyik fail je. :( thanks for the info babe!

  2. try again, and see whether it'll make u smile o not. gudluck dear

  3. thanx dear for trying. Im glad it turned out good. <3 :)

  4. Next recipe plssss. Cheese cake duarian bole buat? mcm kat secret recipe tu.. my fav ok!