Sunday, April 17, 2011

DESSERT:simple chocolate balls


Muahahahaha..let's laugh together. I violated my own oath not to be on the line today. Food drives me crazy. I have to post this recipe on this blog because..because..because I feel like posting it. No question, please. full stop. Anyways, since i still have the remaining of melted chocolate in the fridge (baki from the chocolate truffle I made the other day), I decided to not wasting it yet use it to make the next dessert: Simple Chocolate balls. Simple ke? I reckon so. So, try it. This probably will be one of my kuih raya's menus. Haha. Jimat..jimat..


Marie biscuits or any graham biscuit (20-30 pieces)
nestum (4 tablespoons) 
peanut butter (3-4 tablespoons)
dark chocolate (1 bar) -melt it-
fresh milk (up to u, as long as the dough wont become soggy)

How to Make it?

1. place the Marie biscuits in a plastic. Smash 'em until they become crumbs.
 2. Add in other ingredients
this is the without-chocolate version

3.Mixed thoroughly and shape it into balls

this is the 'with chocolate' version

4. place 'em in the fridge. They are ready to eat when u feel like to.  :)


  1. hehe.explained.ok x buat haritu?

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