Sunday, January 19, 2014

FOOD REVIEW: LOVEATS Burger at Tanjung Malim


aww....cak! Tanjat boboi. okay tak lawak. 

This time around we traveled to a small town near Hulu Selangor named Tanjong Malim, Perak. Anything for food. *grin* I must say that UPSI students are lucky of having numbers of new great places with scrumptious food of reasonable prices within their reach now! *ka-ching!*


what comes to your mind upon speaking about burgers? Yeah. Bun, lettuce, patty, sauce. The simplest one you could ever think of. Now, how about crispy  yet tender and juicy homemade beef burger patty topped with caramelized onion, smothered with their very own super hot and spicy sauce, melted cheese, tomato, awesomely green lettuce, sour and spicy jalapeno in between two super soft black burger bun? Yes. This is one of the menus available at....



It is located few metres away from UPSI, Tanjong Malim, Perak. 

Last night I had their The Black Pearl which basically is what I described earlier on after the waitress being asked by me "Mana satu yang bestseller dekat sini?"

This restaurant is owned by Mr. Fazlizam Abas and was founded on March 2013. It serves customers a new experience of indulging in a black burger. BLACK? yes. The bun is greyish black in color.  As stated by the owner, the bun is actually bamboo charcoal bun. It may look unappetizing at first but believe me, you won't regret. It definitely is worthy of the nauseous impression of the bun's color at first. The moment you sink your teeth into it, you will smile. Ha..gittewww :D 

You will be given two choices: a-la-carte or set. The set is accompanied by Italienne Herbes Frite which is freshly cut French Fries sprinkled with salt and English herbs, their very own dipping sauce and a huge glass of drink (Pepsi/7-Up/Mirinda Orange/Mirinda Strawberry/Iced Lemon Tea/Soy Bean Milk/ Grass Jelly). I decided to go with a set of The Black pearl while my friend ordered a set of The Beauty Rosemary which is a lamb burger.  Let's some of photos captured last night. 

They also have sausages on the menu!

the counter

The Black Pearl (set: with a huge glass of iced Lemon Tea and Italienne Herbes Frite with Dipping Sauce) RM17.80


The Beauty Rosemary (set: with a huge glass of iced Lemon Tea and Italienne Herbes Frite with Dipping Sauce) RM17.80

The whole set I mentioned beforehand 

The 'cross-section' of my Black Pearl.  LOL

I ate several burgers before and I must say that this burger is a must go for the bun is nice and it goes well with the juicy patty. I highly recommend The Black Pearl to you especially to those who love spicy one! I tried their lamb burger too and I gotta say it indeed is awesome too for the smell is not too strong unlike other lamb burgers and the patty is juicy. 

The most important thing: there is no GST and Service tax!!! HAHA

Food: 8/10
Price: 8/10
Ambiance: 5/10

Operation Hours: Mon- Sunday: 5.00 pm to (except for Saturday)
Address: No. 22, Ground Floor, Jalan U1, Taman Universiti, 35900, Tanjung Malim. 


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Friday, January 17, 2014



Happy New Year 2014! Hopefully it still is acceptable to wish a happy new year on the final week of the month. :D 

Anyway, a good friend of mine, Yohana Masrol was kind enough to offer me few dazzling cupcakes which she sells, for a review. I am honored! Here I am with my thoughts on her cupcakes. Enjoy!

This is originally her friend's business which currently is still running in Malacca. Hence, Yohana decided to bring the label to Kuala Lumpur (I bet she knows that KL is full of people with constant sweet tooth like me) and make us happy. :D Since this is a novel business by Yohana, for now she offers five kinds of scrumptious cupcakes which are Red Velvet, Oreo, Vanilla, Chocolate and Rainbow. More to come, I presume!  Cliche' you said? Wait until I finished typing and you are done reading this review. Line of cupcakes that are both classy and yummy!

First, indulge in the photos of the cupcakes.(I didn't manage to capture a 'proper' photo of the cupcakes, all thanks to my curiosity of the taste that I quickly snatched a spatula and straight away dug in!)  Photo courtesy of her Instagram page. 

clockwise:  Red Velvet, Chocolate, Vanilla, Oreo

What I have to say about these? 

The cupcakes look classy. No fancy look apart from the sprinklers which I personally like for it retains your main focus of indulging in these cuppies: the cake and topping!

CHOCOLATE (my favorite!)

Y.U.M.M.Y!! I first doubted whether or not it would taste nice considering that I had eaten some chocolate cupcakes and they were either too sweet or too dense that you feel muak. Surprisingly, as simple as it looks, it tastes simply delicious too!  The cake melts in your mouth for it is lighter but not dry than usual chocolate cupcake. Besides, the fresh cream topping (they use whipped cream instead of buttercream) is so smooth and it tastes just like ice cream or chocolate mousse. YOU HAVE TO TRY!


Very few would fancy classic vanilla cupcakes because they could be pretty plain at times, I too am counted for this thought but this vanilla cupcake is a to-go-for because the cake is not too dense and the cream topping compliments the less sweet vanilla cake. On top of that, the edible beads sprinkled on top gives you crunchiness while eating it.


The cake is smooth with Oreo bits and it is light unlike  any other Vanilla cupcakes I tried before.  The whipped cream topping goes very well with the cake unlike overly buttered butter cream normally sold in the market. 


Both the cake and topping are simply yummy but I prefer the texture of the cake to be less denser, just like other cupcakes I mentioned above but it still is yummy, tho. Red Velvet lovers should definitely try this. The only thing that I believe could be improved is the consistency of the cream cheese topped on the cupcake. It does not sit for long after being taken out from the fridge. Perhaps, it could be thickened up a bit to avoid it from being too runny. Other than that, awesome.

           HOW MUCH ARE THEY?????? These scrumptious cupcakes are sold 12 pieces minimum.

12 pieces of assorted flavors : RM20
16 pieces of assorted flavors: RM27

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab yours now! Worth trying, tho. Simply irresistible as named. :D Kindly place your order by visiting her Instagram page or call/ whatsapp her at 0106688736. You can pick the cupcakes from her abode at No. 40, Jalan 6/1A Seksyen 6, Bandar Bukit Mahkota, Kajang. Delivery service is provided for area nearby (delivery charge is included). You may contact her directly for other enquiries. 

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