Monday, April 18, 2011

DESSERT: Bubur kacang hijau with durian



Do you smell something? sniff...sniff..sniff.. Yeah, it's the durian smell. Do you love durian? I reckon there's some of you who ardently love durian while some are just like me, so-so. Since most of people (reckon so..) know that I am so not into the fresh durian (exception for tempoyak and bubur durian), I am here now sharing with you a simple bubur kacang hijau with durian. made it last night. Yeah..last night. LOL. The whole house smelled durian-ish now. Blame who? :D Anyways, this bubur is suitable to be eaten both hot and cold. It can be eaten with pulut and also bread too, depending on your preferences. 


1. durian (4-5 ulas) -depending on the size-
2. kacang hijau (sepeket kecil)
3.gula melaka 
5.secubit garam
6.daun pandan -2 helai- 

How to Make it?

1. Place your green beans into the pot with approximately 3 cups of tap water.

 2. Let it simmered. This might take some times before the beans are fully popped out, indicating that they are cooked.
3. Once they are cooked, put in the gula melaka. Stir gently until the sugar melts.
4.Pour the coconut milk into the pot, slowly. Keep on stirring. 
5.Put in few pinches of salt and pandan leaves in. Pour in water if it is too thick.
6. Once the bubur is boiled, put in the durian
7. Keep on stirring until the durian flesh blends with the bubur.
8. Serve!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

DESSERT:simple chocolate balls


Muahahahaha..let's laugh together. I violated my own oath not to be on the line today. Food drives me crazy. I have to post this recipe on this blog because..because..because I feel like posting it. No question, please. full stop. Anyways, since i still have the remaining of melted chocolate in the fridge (baki from the chocolate truffle I made the other day), I decided to not wasting it yet use it to make the next dessert: Simple Chocolate balls. Simple ke? I reckon so. So, try it. This probably will be one of my kuih raya's menus. Haha. Jimat..jimat..


Marie biscuits or any graham biscuit (20-30 pieces)
nestum (4 tablespoons) 
peanut butter (3-4 tablespoons)
dark chocolate (1 bar) -melt it-
fresh milk (up to u, as long as the dough wont become soggy)

How to Make it?

1. place the Marie biscuits in a plastic. Smash 'em until they become crumbs.
 2. Add in other ingredients
this is the without-chocolate version

3.Mixed thoroughly and shape it into balls

this is the 'with chocolate' version

4. place 'em in the fridge. They are ready to eat when u feel like to.  :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

LAUK:ayam bakar special


As I promised you earlier on, this is another dish prepared during the BBQ night my classmates and I had last Tuesday's night. Why not you try it yourself this time around. Probably, this can be your next activity with family and friends, aite? Anyways, I am bad in measurement. I usually apply the ''campak-campak' technique, meaning that I just simply put the ingredients in, without any rigid measurement. HAHA. so..for this recipe, I'll just list out the ingredients you need.  It is purely up to you to decide on how much you should put in those ingredients needed. Probably, it depends on how many people you want to feed for, okay? :)


1. chicken (any part will do. We took the drumsticks and wings and few breasts), you can even grill the sausages with this marinade.
2.  shallots/onions
3. garlic
4. tumeric powder
5. galangal (lengkuas)
6. ginger
7. spices (jintan manis, jintan putih, biji ketumbar) -use the packet ones, better than using the powder ones-
8. lemon grass
9. brown sugar
10. bird eye's chillies (cili api) -optional-
11. salt
12. water (to blend the ingredients)
13. oil + few stalks of lemongrass which the tips have been smashed

How to Make it?

1. clean the chickens thoroughly. You might want to get rid of the bad smell with lime.
 2. blend ingredients 2-12 
3. Pour out the blended ingredients on the chicken. marinate them as long as you want., The best would be a night.
4. Heat up your grill
5. grill 'em until they are well cooked (30-45 minutes) -depending on the size of the chicken-
6. while grilling, drizzle the chicken with ingredient no. 13 (like those pakcik sate do :) ) 

gebu gilerr kan?

and..READY to enjoy...

 pesanan penaja;DONT FORGET TO EAT WITH may help in reducing the carbon amount.

ANEKA ROTI: garlic bread


This is actually one of the menus on my class' BBQ party last Tuesday night. More menus my friends and I made on that very night will be updated here, soon. Anyways, this is a very simple dish to prepare. You can either grill or toast it it just like that (without toasting or grilling the bread). Up to your preferences. :)


1. French bread (the long hard ones, you know which one, dont u?)/wholemeal bread
2. garlic (2-3 cloves)-lagi banyak lagi sodap-
3.butter (use butter, it'll be tastier than using margerine)
4. parsley flakes
5.ground black pepper (if tak ada serbuk, yang bulat2 pun boleh, tumbuk haluih-haluih)
5. salt

How to Make it?

1. peel off the garlic's skins. 
2.grill it or put it on a hot pan (without oil) and stir gently until it turns brownish
3.let it cool at room temperature
4.finely chop it. halus-halus...
5.add butter, parsley flake, black pepper and salt with the finely chopped garlic
6.mix them well
7.put it in a container

8.ready to be spread. u can keep it in the fridge and use it whenever you want.
9.spread on your bread
10.grill or bake it like this (put on a hot pan without oil).

please ignore kedhaifan kuali itu.

bon appetite~

Thursday, April 14, 2011

DESSERT:cream cheesy chocolate truffle


CAUTION! This is not a must-go-for recipe for those who are on a diet. LOL. 

My exam is nearing. I seriously had no mood to study. Frequent hunger drives me crazy like...argh!!!!!! so, to the kitchen I went. Anyways, this can be a good gift for your friends or even your loved ones you know? by spending less than RM40, you can feed many mouths with this. fact about me: I DON'T REALLY EAT SWEET STUFFS. but why did I make this dessert? BOREDOM. yeah..I'm weird. Now, let us start!


1. oreo biscuit (3 packets) -I removed the cream because I dont like it to be too sweet-
2.  250 gram of cream cheese (of any brand)
3. cooking chocolate (better to choose semi sweet or dark chocolate)
4. cocoa powder/nuts/chocolate rice/white chocolate (any topping u like)

here are some of the ingredients (forgive me for not taking all the ingredients' photos)

crushed oreo (remove the cream if u dont like it to be too sweet)

cream cheese

How to Make? 

1.  Place the biscuits in a plastic, crushed it by using..urm..anything. lesung batu also can. LOL

2.  place the crushed oreo in a container

lagi hancur lagi bagus

3. In the meantime, melt the chocolate using double boiling technique/place it into the microwave.
double boiling is a technique where you place a bowl/container that can absorb heat easily on top of a pot containing the super hot water. like this....
let it stay on the pot to prevent the chocolate from coagulating
now...get back to the dough..

 5. Put in the cream cheese

 6. knead the mixture of the crushed oreo and cream cheese thoroughly. uli jangan tak uli.

7. place it into the fridge for about 25-30 minutes

8. remove it from the fridge and shape it into balls

macam ma'jun, eh? LOL
9. put in the fridge for 10 minutes

10. take it out from the fridge. 

11. prepare on the table these things

that cocoa powder is optional. You can opt for nuts/chocolate rice/any topping u prefer

now is the fun part.

12. cover the oreo balls with the melted chocolate like this

13. cover it with cocoa powder after that

14. place it in a container or a tray and keep in the fridge to let the chocolate cover hardened

probably keep 'em for 10- 20 minutes 'em!

it is hard outside but soft, creamy and sweet inside!
TRY IT!  :)