Saturday, October 1, 2011

ANEKA MEE: seafood tomyam flat noodles


I've posted this recipe before back in my 2nde semester of uni if I'm not mistaken. but that was prepared in a rice cooker, for god sake, since I was staying in the college where cooking using the gas cooker was prohibited. LOL

so, here's the recipe prepared in a more proper way. 


* flat noodles a.k.a kuey teow
* shallots
* garlic
* galangal
* ginger
 * bird eyes chilles
* cuttlefish/prawn/chicken/fishball
* lemongrass stalks
* coriander leaves
* asam keping
* tamarind juice
* tomyam instant paste (in the bottle is nicer)
* vegetables ( I used carrot, cauliflower, tomato, baby corn)

how to make:

1. half boil sufficient amount of water in a pot
2. add in all ingredients
3. season it with salt, sugar n seasoning
4. wait till boil
5. serve with blenched flat noodles.
6. garnish with fried shallots and spring onion
7. eat!

happy cooking!

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