Saturday, October 1, 2011

Aneka Mee: cheezy baked beans-sauced spaghetti with meatballs


had this on last Friday for my dinner. As requested by my lovely friends, Zati and Jos. here's the recipe.


* spaghetti (angel hair/fettucini/normal spaghetti)
* baked beans (the cheese one)
*oyster sauce
* seasoning
*oregano/parsley flakes (optional)
* asparagus/broccoli/cauliflower/bell pepper
* instant meatballs

how to make:

1. fry the meatballs. put aside.
2. boil the spaghetti, put aside
3. prepare the sauce:
* sautee the shallots/onions and garlic till they turn brownish
* add in mashed baked beans
*add in oyster sauce
*add in the vege
*add in water if the sauce gets too thick
*add in salt and seasoning
*place in the fried meatballs
4. pour the sauce on the spaghetti
5. drizzle with oregano/ parsley flakes
6. eat!

happy cooking! :)