Tuesday, December 7, 2010




Last night, after we were done with Maghrib prayer, my family members and I went to Carrefour Wangsa Maju for ayah wanted to buy something and ibu wanted to treat us dinner. Wandering around the stores available there for almost 15 minutes, we finally decided to indulge on our dinner here..

 the name of this restaurant is JomBali..I am not quite sure this restaurant is either owned by a Malaysian or an Indonesian based on its name, JomBali. but..never mind, that doesn't matter. we had several meals here. let me share with all of u few of the meals.

1.  special white coffee and dont worry be happy

the yellowish drink at the back is called 'dont worry be happy' (ordered by afiq). it is a drink of combination of mango and lemon and I dont quite sure what else, but it is a combination of citrus fruits..giving u such a bright color and strong taste.

thumbs up to: the presentation of the drink
hurm... to: it is too sweet for me.

the front one is the special white coffee (ordered by me)

thumbs up to: the thickness of the coffee and it is not too sweet
hurm...to: I didnt really find any specialty on it. the name is special, so it supposed to have something special.

2. Wantan Soup Kuey Teow (ordered by along)

thumbs up to: the garnishes. (prawns, chives, fried shallots)
erm...to: it's a little bland, there is not much 'kick' in it.

3. Siamese noodle (ordered by ayah)

thumbs up to: the taste. (almost perfect blend of flavor), addition of bay leaves which enhance the smell and taste.

4. chicken rice (ordered by aziq)

thumbs up to: the chicken, the soup
erm....to: the rice and  the sauce

5. tuna and cheese toast (ordered by me)

thumbs up to: the crispiness of the side of the toast, the creaminess of the cheese
erm...to: the taste of the tuna, quite bland. more garnishes should be added.

6. chicken chop with mushroom sauce (ordered by ibu)

 thumbs up to: the tenderness of the chicken meat, the thick sauce

7. shrimp paste fried rice  (ordered by afiq)

thumbs up to:
the amount of the rice and roasted chicken
erm..to: the sambal belacan..too sweet.

all and all..I personally would go for Siamese Noodle and Chicken Chop.

rating: environment( 70%)
taste (75%)
price (70%)

so..what are you waiting for..go to JomBali tonight! :)


  1. ha, mantap dah macam ni. cumanya lain kali kalau benda nama pelik pelik tu bagi la tau apa rasanya. contoh macm don't worry be happy tu. aku tertanya tanya tu air apa sebenarnya.


    p/s: tengok dari luar macam meriah dan hebat. tapi makanan dia tak menangkap perut aku.

    p/s^2: effa diet tak beragak.

  2. haha..ni sebab celebrate my mom's bday..so..x jadi r diet.lol

    haha.okeh2..aq edit pasal air tuh.