Thursday, June 14, 2012

ANEKA DESSERT: Chocolate Strawberry


Another dessert coming. Try this. Not only they are nice to look, when served chill, they turn your taste bud happy, InsyaAllah. :)


1. strawberry 
2. toothpicks chocolate bar (1 bar)
4. a teaspoon of vanilla essence
5. half of a teaspoon of chili powder/paprika (to enhance the chocolate's richness)
6. topping:crushed almond/crushed peanut/icing sugar/chocolate rice (up to you!)


1. clean the strawberries and let them held by the toothpicks, set aside
2. melt the chocolate bar, add in vanilla essence and chili powder
3. dip the strawberry into the chocolate bar and top with topping of your choice
4.keep them in the fridge
5.serve chill. would be great to be eaten with ice cream too :)

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